Dyed Woods

We use these dyed -"Dymondwood"  -- made of dyed veneers laminated together:

purple, charcoal, green, blue

We use also make pens using striped combinations of  these colors

Natural Woods



Tulipwood is a true rosewood and comes from Brazil. It is a rare wood and we use very little of it -- for pens and for inlay details.






Cocobolo is our most popular wood and we use it for over 60% of our work. We buy it from a harvester that works with the Mexican forestry department for sustained yield practices that include inventorying available material and replanting. It is beautiful, dense, and somewhat oily, alloying for a rich natural finish. 




We use birdseye maple harvested in the Eastern United States and selected for dense figure. It is not a separate species, but a small percent of harvested maple shows this pattern that earns this designation. 





Bocote is grows in areas near cocobolo, and is harvested by the same supplier.







Bloodwood is a Brazilian wood known for its rich red color, It is very dense and the color is more stable than other bright red exotic woods.