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The Exodus Box

This is a wood ark-like box with 5 passover-related chotchkies (charms) by my good friend Daniel Riccio

The box is made of yew wood and is engraved with the symbols of the tribes and the inscription "out of Egypt... with signs and wonders" and a Hebrew inscription from the same passage The chtochkies represent the burning bush, Moses, the tablets, the desert tabernacle, and the two fellows bearing a yoke of giant grapes from the promised land..

Also available in bloodwood and maple...$72


resin dreidls -- these dreidls are made from a square of beautiful decorative resin and a metal center spindle (aluminum and brass). Available in red topo, blue topo, gray graphite, blue graphite, gray water, blue water, and shell. Letters appear in gold. The dreidl spins quite freely.



DS dreidl stands

I hand turn these and they work well with the D1 and D4 dreidls.

clockwise from upper left: bocote, maple, cocobolo, bloodwood.

They are about 1.5" in diameter, 1" tall.



D4 dreidl box with Hanukkah chotchkies

This wood dreidl shaped  box contains six bronze charms of Hanukkah symbols by my friend Daniel Riccio. Represented are the menorah, a dreidl, an oil cruse, an oil lamp, gelt, and latkes in a pan. The wood body is about 2" by 2" by 2".

$80 -- available in rosewood with the body made of various blond, red, or brown woods.




TZ1 Tzedakah Box -- 7" high by 4" by 2", with a currency slot in the top.

available in bloodwood, walnut, and figured maple

Opens from the bottom by means of  two screws


Havdalah Set H1 -- four pieces -- goblet with hammered pewter bowl,

bsamim box, candle holder for braided candle, and base -- in cocobolo rosewood $270

11" long by 6" wide overall.                click here for more spice box pictures


Yad Y1

available in (top to bottom) maple, tulipwood, cocobolo (also blue and purple dymondwood (not shown)

With brass hand piece and gold plated chain    --   $90 each including stand

10" long overall.

Yad Y6 -- mitzvah yad -- available in  cocobolo  and bocote

With brass hand piece and gold plated chain    --   $38 each including stand

8" long overall.

Yad Y4 squiggle shaped wood yad  -- $90

available in ebony, maple and cocobolo

With brass hand piece and gold plated chain    --   $90 each including maple stand


  K2 Kiddush cup. The top is hand spun and hand hammered solid lead-free pewter. The pedestal is turned out of solid cocobolo wood.






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