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about Elliot....

Elliot Landes is a designer/woodworker. Landes designs and produces various writing instruments, desk accessories, and Judaica in his studio in Winters, California. He makes his work available through craft galleries and other outlets that offer handmade objects and Judaica. Landes grew up in Oakland, California and studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem for two years, followed by studies in product design at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, where he received his B.A. in 1975. He began woodturning in college, and conceived the idea of turning wood writing instruments in his last year of college.

Landes moved (along with his wife Linda) from Oakland to to the small town of Winters, California in 1976. Son Zach is a student at UC Santa Cruz and daughter Hava is a graduate of film studies student at UC Berkeley.

Landes is in the process of retiring from pen making and closing down Penmakers. He is writing for the local paper, and working for city hall, while he finalizes sale of his tools and properties. He still has a lot of stock, so give him a call.